Stroop die Film

An Anti-Poaching Documentary for the World Community

Film-Makers Bonne de Bod (an SABC News Presenter) and Susan Scott (Producer) are preparing for worldwide release of an Afrikaans-language film depicting the predations, both human and environmental, of the rhino poaching epidemic gripping South Africa. Trailers and more information on the project are available on their Facebook page.

Regina Mundi is a sponsor of the film, devoid of any editorial input, and focused solely upon  providing logistical support for the brave crew who face death threats, corrupt and powerful interests, and a world which is focused on notoriety and public exposure rather than the dangers to the “little people” who suffer the social impacts of the crisis.  Living under the constant threat of retaliation, the film traces the epidemic from the field, to the market, to the courtroom. The courage and innovation shown by the team is an inspiration to all young leaders who seek to expose evil and advance the cause of social justice. Regina Mundi proudly supports this effort.


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