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Our Services

Our Services

Regina Mundi has tailored its services within each geographic area to those for which a need is present and to which we can assign a team of skilled professionals competent to deliver that service. We are compensated based upon the success of the team and remain highly focused on the outcomes and not just the process. Therefore, our teams may decline to offer some services in your particular area but may recommend alternative providers if appropriate.


The United States, Canada, & Mexico are areas in which Regina Mundi provides complex business transaction direction and support. In these nations we will support opportunities in real estate, international trade, local delivery consumer services, and in-country manufacturing. The support is in the form of capital,  business transaction risk underwriting, design and implementation of the structure of the transaction, and physical support of the ongoing business operations after the closing.  (We currently support business opportunities in Chile and Peru, but not in other South American, Caribbean  and Latin American countries due to regulatory and transparency concerns).

Specific business related services include:


South Africa is our gateway to both East and West Africa below the equatorial boundary.  Regina Mundi  supports trade and investment opportunities in these countries, with a focus on transitions of developing nation based companies into developed nation markets of North America and the European Union.  Our clients develop the modalities of modern trade, such as packaging, bar coding, and efficient pathways to market,  and the culture of western trade including transparency, consistency, timeliness, and  warranties of quality and title.

Specific business related services include:

Also, see the article, Counter-Money Laundering & Registering your Company in South Africa.

European Union

The market entry of companies to the European Union is the most challenging of the undertakings Regina Mundi contracts to perform. The regulatory system is complex, resistant to innovation, and time consuming. We focus on finding local partners which already occupy the desired field or are positioned to enter the field. Further, we look for partnership opportunities which draw European companies to Africa and North America with business opportunities not otherwise available within the EU structures.

Specific business related services -            

Other Services

In addition to our ability to provide strategic planning services to help our partners manage their assets and services in the most efficient and profitable manner possible, Regina Mundi also partners with other companies to provide a full range of professional services.

Market Entry and Relationship Management

Hydraubear is a dynamic just-in- time company which links producers and manufacturers to their natural market segments in North America and Europe. Focusing on large scale and medium sized manufacturers with limited experience in market entry and relationship management. As a multi-cultural multi-lingual German citizen Ekkehard Kubler leads a team of professionals who manage the interface between European and other cultures. As a youth leader, Ekkehard Kubler also brings real time and current generational exposure and experience in the young adult market segment.  Decades of success underpin Hyraubear's achievements.

For more information, please visit the Hydraubear web site.

Strategic Communications Planning & Services

One of the key components to any successful business is the ability to communicate.

Good communications address the needs of an organization both internally and externally. Strong messaging, an understanding of the audience, strong use of tools and channels - these are some of the elements that go into a comprehensive communications strategy.

Our partner KLARECOM provides the knowledge and skills that will help make your business part of the conversation. Their professional staff has produced technical and marketing communications in a wide array of fields, from advertising copy to complete ERP implementation manuals, and from radio advertisements to white papers. They have worked with businesses on three continents, ranging in size from small start-ups to international Fortune 500 companies.

For more information, please visit the KLARECOM web site.

Solution Development Consulting 

The Calverton Group guides business leaders to develop and implement solution solving leadership in operations, franchising (both US model and international master franchise model), new market development and growth (sales, EBITDA and number of units), both in the United States and global markets. The Calverton Group is the one of many achievements of Joe Manuszak, Founder, the guiding light of the team. Anchored in the principals of collaboration, dedication to the mission, and faith based ethical systems, Joe has brought new economic opportunity to the far corners of the globe. The client  accomplishments are our achievements at The Calverton Group.

For more information, please visit the Calverton Group web site.