Regina Mundi provides receivership services to individual and institutional under the lawful authorities in the countries and states where we operate.

The purpose of the receivership service is to position the business for maximum efficiency, cash flow optimization, and asset protection. We are in the business of building better businesses. We bring that philosophy to our work as a receiver on behalf of the client. The laws of the particular country govern the specific process by which receiverships operate and local counsel in your country and jurisdiction should always be consulted before considering the use of a receivership.

The receivership results in Regina Mundi taking control of the instrumentalities of a business either directly or through independent professionals experienced in the field and hired by Regina Mundi for that express purpose. Using the authority granted by the legal system Regina Mundi will deploy and supervise finance professionals who will take control of the money, and operational professionals who will take control of the day‐to‐day needs of the business enterprise.  Regina Mundi will organize and implement all of the steps necessary for the client to gain the protection of the receivership eliminating the need for the client to look any other place for the team of professionals needed for the process.

For hospitality properties (hotel, motel, resort, or hybrid enterprise) or other real estate developments, our teams will deploy to assess the condition of the property, the income generation and expense of operation, and implement a stabilization and protection program suited for the goals of the client. Our teams will deploy to the various departments such as sales, rooms, food & beverage, and finance in order to continue smooth operations where appropriate or make those changes necessary to meet the client’s priorities.

In the case of a manufacturing business our teams will deploy to the various departments such as production, sales, logistics, and finance in order to continue smooth operations where appropriate or make those changes necessary to  meet the client’s needs. The client will get immediate asset controls from the first day of deployment, and regular reporting, financial transparency all backed by the strong arm of the law to enforce the client’s goals and objectives.

As receivers, Regina Mundi acts as fiduciary who must meet the highest standards of integrity and professionalism within the community. A broad variety of laws apply to prevent corruption, self‐dealing, and unlawful conduct by the receiver and those working on at its direction. Each nation has particular laws applicable to the conduct of the receiver acting under the authority of its legal system.

All countries in the European Union, the United Kingdom, United States of America and Mexico have such laws. In each a receiver may be appointed to protect assets and reorganize a business either for return to investors, turn over to creditors, or for sale and disposition of the proceeds.

Regina Mundi earns its compensation, in primary part, from the successful disposition of the company and its assets consistent with the client’s goals. Modest service charges and reimbursements are assessed during the period of the receivership the client is protected at every step from excessive expenses since each charge must be approved by first the client, and then second by the legal system in all the participating countries where Regina Mundi provides receivership services.

There are many differences between the large institutions which advertise receivership services and Regina Mundi. The operational success of the hospitality business is the primary focus of the Regina Mundi teams for example. The disposition‐based success fee is another difference. At all steps in the receivership the Regina Mundi team has its economic interests directly aligned with the interests of the client, the policies of the receivership laws, and the public purpose of receiverships to protect assets from waste, fraud, and abuse.

For more country specific information, proof of licensing, and fidelity bonding details, please contact us.


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