Regina Mundi Global Advisors


Laura Henderson, a British citizen working in South Africa, is the founding member and current CEO of GreenCycle Recycling Collection Service. She is a retired derivatives trader formerly, of Credit Lyonnaise Rouse, Chase Manhattan Bank, and SGF Futures & Options.

Drive, determination, personal responsibility, and an insistance on first-world performance standards is what built GreenCycle. There are over 1.000 customers whose solid waste is collected weekly, processing more than 442 tons of material diverted from landfills in 2015. There are 16 full time employees, a physical plant, sorting facility, and three collection vehicles all operated or owned by GreenCycle. "By-products” of recycling for sale online and through manual customer service.

The business model is tested and functionally effective in a challenging service industry market space. Laura’s leadership has resulted in high levels of confidence on the part of the customer that all promises are completed. This standard extends from the boardroom to the facility floor.

Regina Mundi has identified an entrepreneurial business opportunity in the Eastern Cape that can be fashioned to create locally manufactured recycling by-products to be sold by SME and newly trained previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs. The “Make It Here” initiative is one in which no other entities are operating or offering this opportunity in this business space. The “hook” for the business person is to be selling a South African made product, derived 100% from waste materials, and to do so without government grants or subsidies. Regina Mundi believes that this project is possible now due to the convergence of a stable plastics recycling infrastructure and the new affordable expeditious mechanical organic waste composting technologies. 

Our project design envisions a public – private partnership in which the recycling NPOs provide the waste collection, waste processing and re-sale product production  - while an entrepreneurial training company operating in the social justice market space organizes, finances, and guides the business development for the specially recruited SME and previously disadvantaged entrepreneur. More specifically, the by-products will be produced using new technologies and alternative energy sources. The model envisions a scalable model which can be “up” scaled to other metropolitan areas, and “down” scaled to the individual entrepreneur level for both collection and production.

GreenCycle has the leadership and innovation track record which merits watching for a tremendous success of the “Make It Here” project.