Global Scholars

Regina Mundi Global Advisors sponsor a Global Scholar under the direction of our Community Involvement leadership. Scholars receive four to twelve weeks of intensive adult interaction in a real world environment. Scholars get to choose where they wish to serve, what type of service they wish to experience, and the length of service period (the “Program”). Regina Mundi takes responsibility for building the Program into a custom experience, ensuring the presence of multiple self-improvement opportunities, and following through with supervision, housing, feeding, and transporting the Scholar.

Who can be a Global Scholar?

Almost anyone. We prefer high school graduates who are taking a break before deciding on or beginning further studies. A successful applicant will demonstrate leadership, professional social skills, and a high degree of “executive function.” Global Scholars are selected based upon referrals and recommendations, with preference going to candidates referred by clients, colleagues, and affiliates of Regina Mundi. Each candidate provides an expression of interest to start the process, and potential scholars are selected for further application as described below.

Each Scholar’s Program, regardless of the experience type selected by the Scholar, will be one amenable to our self-improvement goals for the Global Scholar. Each Scholar is expected to adopt and practice a set of core values that Regina Mundi views as the essential values of a good person – the kind of person with whom we would do business. These values are honesty, generosity, empathy, and sympathy. Our intent is to demonstrate to the Global Scholars that if decisions are made consistent with these core values, these “virtues,” then the resultant actions will reflect the highest ethical and moral standards of humanity.

Scholars coming to Africa will be purposefully challenged to shed preconceived privileged suburban American notions of “Africa,” and experience a piece of a continent larger than the United States, Canada, and Europe combined. Scholars coming to North America or Europe will be challenged by the mechanics of a foreign first-world existence, including the cultural differences, divergent social values, and freedoms (and risks) not found in less well-developed countries. Each Program is designed to remove the Scholar from his or her comfort zone and compel him or her to meet, work with, and bond with people distinctly different than himself or herself. Our goal is for the Scholar to come away appreciative of the humanity and the joy of life which imbues people of other cultures.

Successful candidates should review our web site and our mission statement, and observe that we focus a great deal on public service in our Community Involvement activities and in particular in our Global Scholars program.  In order to be favorably considered for our program, we will want to see a connection between the experience that you are requesting and the development of tools or intangible skills, from the experience, that will directly improve your ability to serve your local and global community.

Where To Start?

Tell us who you are and how you came to seek our assistance. Send us your “Motivational Statement,” describing where you would like to serve, how much time you are willing to commit to service, and what you want to learn or experience (and why).

Your Motivational Statement presents  you with an opportunity to determine for yourself whether your life is one which will be dedicated to the improvement of the community’s human condition or to the improvement of your own human condition. If the former, then you have the chance to be a successful Regina Mundi applicant. We value the development of the “human” in the description of the “human capital” which each successful applicant must possess in abundance. You need to articulate, at a minimum, a vision of your future in which you expressly connect the experience with a specific future inclusive of public service by you. Regina can then determine if we can build a Program likely to create the opportunities you need to have those desired experiences.

Once your Motivational Statement is considered you will receive either a request for more information, a statement of disinterest, or an invitation to complete the application process, and then be scheduled for one or more interviews.

Personal information - Include your name, age, postal address, email address, personal phone number, social media identifiers, familial status, citizenship, and proof of medical insurance, vaccination and immunization appropriate for the area of service (as recommended by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a copy of a government issued photo identification, and emergency contacts with name and phone number.

You will also need to submit the following to Regina Mundi:

Permission to Proceed -

If under the age of 18 or if living at home with a parent or legal guardian, we will need written authorization from a parent or legal guardian permitting you to apply, and consent for our review of your application, communications with you, and our possession of your personal information.

Letters of recommendation -

You need to submit references:

Two personal references from adults in positions of responsibility over you who can speak about your work ethic, your interpersonal skills in the terms of both strengths and weaknesses, and finally whether or how you already demonstrate in your daily living the qualities we seek.

Two additional personal references - one from a family member and from one peer. These referrals should explain what your relationship is to each other, and then what the person writing believes makes you “special” to them, such as how you stand apart and what distinguishes you from all those around you.

Transcripts -

High school transcripts for the prior year and the balance of this academic year to date if not completed at the time of application. We do not require standardized tests.

Activities -

Make a list of club memberships, awards earned, team sports experience, or leadership roles you have held.

Employment History -

Descriptions of work experiences with details of work performed.

The whole selection process can take as few as six weeks and as many as 16 weeks depending upon a variety of factors.

If you are selected, then you will be given a Program description, a schedule, a Tip Sheet, and asked to provide listed essential information, and sign a commitment letter.

Some of Our Past Scholars

2017 Global Scholar
Michael Marinkovich
Redlands, California, USA

Michael applied to come to South Africa after having a promising future as a soccer goalie cut short by a game related injury.  He wants to share his world ranked amateur experience with young adults whose futures are improved by the hope and promise of the opportunities opened through sport. Matt’s Program will take him to townships and under-served areas as part of a leadership through sport effort by a non-profit organization. It is hoped that he will impart both his experience and the lessons of good scholarship creating good choices for the young adults.

2016 Global Scholar
Mathew Kubler
Winnetka, Illinois, USA

Matt came to South Africa having expressed interest in the law as a field of future study. His Program saturated Matt in the human rights crisis created by the transmigration of both political and economic refugees. He teamed with a leading human rights lawyer in Cape Town, volunteered with part of the Mandela Family in social action, and saw first hand the plight of exploited people subject to abuses. His six week Program gave new insights both to Matt and to the people whose lives he touched.

2015 Global Scholar
Hannah Gardner
West Orange, New Jersey, USA

Hannah came to South Africa having expressed interest in Social Media and social connectivity. During her six week Program she visited rural and urban areas of four Provinces. Hannah met with farmers, small entrepreneurs, and urban residents. She helped build web sites, make social media pages, and introduce groups of people to the benefits and pitfalls of the modern communications modalities.

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